Integrative And Functional Medicine​

What is integrative medicine?

In integrative medicine, we use the best approach that encompesses some of the best evidence-based practices to enhance conventional care. This form of care is extremely beneficial since you go directly to the root cause of a person’s ailment versus just suppressing symptoms in order to reverse modern chronic disease. 

Integrative medicine encompasses a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to achieve overall health and wellness for individuals that are ill or even those who are simply interested in disease prevention. This is an extremely powerful resource for individuals looking to optimize their health and actively improve. During your appointment we will discuss many modalities and therapy options that would best be suitable for you. We will discuss evidence based nutritional counseling, lifestyle modifications, and natural alternative medicine derived from some of the best sources on earth. We also utilize advanced kinesiology and nutrition response testing to ensure you are receiving a tailored and personalized approach that is right for you. This form of treatment in combination with modern medicine allows you to make more rational choices about your own healthcare. Integrative medicine is beautiful and unique because it addresses you, the individual, as a whole, not just targets the disease. Chronic disease, in many cases, is deeply associated with challenging symptoms that create distress which makes it a challenge managing those symptoms. This multi-disciplinary approach that we provide allows for great benefit and an enhancement to conventional medicine treatments.

Integrative and Functional Medicine

We believe that a combination of medical treatments from our licensed medical doctors with a functional medicine approach that allows us to get rid of the root cause of disease would be the best and most powerful way to reverse modern chronic diseases. In integrative medicine, we use the best approach that encompasses evidence based practices which dramatically enhance conventional care. Doing so, we are able to target the root cause of disease directly and tackle that versus just trying to manage the symptoms. The therapeutic approaches we use will allow you to achieve overall health and wellness effortlessly. 

Evidence Base Nutritional Counseling

The right dietary choices have been proven to be the primary way to develop a disease free body as well as the maintenance of perfect health. In our integrative medicine clinic, our holistic and functional nutritionists guide and train our patients towards evidence based dietary changes and create meal plans for patients to help with chronic and acute health conditions. The impact of diet and nutritional counseling is being used more commonly to treat mood imbalances, overweight and/or obesity, and other physical and mental health conditions. Many can benefit from nutrition counseling, for different reasons; whether you need a complete dietary assessment, are looking to manage a medical condition, or want to fine ­tune your food choices.  Nutrition counseling may be exactly what you need to flip your health around and see significant improvements in overall weight, physical and emotional health as well as the internal function of the body.

Lifestyle Modifications

To maintain physical and emotional balance, lifestyle modifications and alteration of long term habits is crucial. The lack of Exercise, Inadequate Sleep, Smoking, Excess Alcohol, Stress and Ill Mental Health required deliberate management. Maintenance of these interventions provides individuals with the potential to decrease the risks of most underlying causes of chronic health conditions. Increased physical activity is crucial for the body as it not only helps with weight loss, it also helps regulate and manage diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol. Ensuring daily adequate sleep is also essential in regulation of stress and reduction of inflammation which have both been shown to be a cause of many ailments individuals are suffering through today. The management of smoking and alcohol are other essential lifestyle modifications that will alter how an individual’s overall health and wellness looks like. These lifestyle modifications will make it attainable for individuals to reach the life they desire.

Natural Alternative Medicine

The most common questions asked about natural medicines are, “Is it safe?” and “Does it work?” . Evidence based medicine has become influential over the past decade in supporting the overall condition of the body which our medical doctors would treat disease. Natural Medicine is built strictly on evidence based research. Natural medicine is known to be passed down by traditions and beliefs from one person to another. Natural Medicine approaches the subject from a completely objective and unbiased perspective. Just like modern medicine, it seeks to answer questions by identifying, evaluating, and applying scientific information. This form of medicine has been shown time after time in scientific research to be what individuals need to incorporate into their lives to live a disease free, fulfilling and happy life. This can be one of the safest and most effective forms of evidence based medicine if utilized properly.

Advance Kinesiology/Nutrition Response Testing

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, and its components; anatomical, physiological, neurological, biochemical, biomechanical, neuromotor, and psychological interactions with the surrounding environment. There are 42 muscles in the body that have links via the nervous system to the organs and the meridians. Kinesiology visualizes muscles being linked to specific organs, and it uses manual muscle testing to evaluate the health of the patient to receive feedback. This allows us to see what stressors the body is experiencing in what organs so we are able to apply the proper modalities to make it switch on. Whereas conventional medicine uses muscle testing as a means of assessing the structural and functional health of the neuromuscular unit of our body, applied kinesiology makes use of this technique to understand organ-related, nutritional or emotional imbalances in the body. Dehydration could be one of the main reasons a muscle is not working. Clients need to ensure proper hydration when they come in to be seen.

Weight Loss Counselling and Therapies

About 70% of adults in America are considered to be overweight or obese. At Holistic life Clinic our goal is to help each and every one of you reach a healthy weight that can effortlessly be maintained. We offer individually tailored weight loss plans to fit any person and any lifestyle. Our highly specialized weight loss counselors will work with you to develop simple lifestyle changes, goal setting, meal planning/ Dietary guidelines, supplementation, self monitoring strategies,  and increasing personal motivation and belief in self.  Working with a weight loss counselor can help you understand your relationship with food, and what is the underlying issue that might be contributing to your weight gain. You will receive the necessary guidance that will allow your body to reach the weight that it is happy and comfortable with. We will help show you that being overweight or obese is not just an aesthetic issue. It is a serious health risk that can lead to many medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, mental health problems and many more. Healthy weight loss will help you regain not only your health back but also your self esteem. When you balance your weight, you are on a great path to balancing your life overall.

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